Project icon for Evilpedia

I made a website to collate all the scores from the comedy podcast, Evil Men.

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Eleventy Little

Project icon for Eleventy Little

A project to build shouty little presentations using Eleventy. Makes text as large as possible and includes website screenshots, syntax highlighting and some basic theming.

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Send to Workflowy

Project icon for Send to Workflowy

I use Workflowy a lot but it’s not great for quick capture on the go. This is an unofficial API to make that easier.

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Vancouver Island emoji weather

Project icon for Vancouver Island emoji weather

I built my first Twitter bot: an account that posts the current weather on Vancouver Island in cute little emoji form.

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source/target graph newsletter

Project icon for source/target graph newsletter

I started writing a graph visualization newsletter in 2020 and I’m still at it. It comes out every other Thursday.

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