Plangent (a):

(of a sound) loud, reverberating, and often melancholy.



Sententious (a):

given to or abounding in excessive moralizing


Get bundle identifier for macOS app

osascript -e 'id of app "Name of App"'


Split-second feedback

It feels nice to feel wanted and equally bad when you don’t feel wanted, even if the matrix through deciding you’re unwanted is literally “the numbers are the same or slightly lower than before.”

I personally (and presume others do too) find myself adding way too much stock to people’s willingness to do these things naturally - if someone doesn’t retweet something, it’s a split-second decision likely based on whether it immediately made them laugh or happy, or resembled something they deeply care about. That split-second decision is genuinely meaningless to them - they can (and will!) move on almost instantly. Still, in the grand scheme of content, these minor social media moves are so significant to people in such an outsized way that I believe drives them a little bit insane.

How Our Need For Attention Online Drives Us Crazy – Ed Zitron


slowly nodding

“Someone said: ‘Well, you do it now, don’t you? Because you’ve got the costume’. I was just slowly nodding,” says Denson.

Sometimes you find yourself with the costume, slowly nodding.

‘A Loveable Anarchist’: The Oral History of Mr Blobby



Peripatetic (a):

Walking about or from place to place; traveling on foot.


being wrong

I should emphasize that this is not investment advice and I am probably wrong? Like, one, I’m wrong about every prediction I make, and, two, in this case there keep being articles quoting professionals saying “this is going to be a wild one” and you should probably believe them instead of me. I am just laying out my thinking here so we can understand how I’ll be wrong.

Matt Levine


Run Prettier on all files in a repo

npx prettier --write "**/*.js"


Convert YouTube videos to podcast feeds



Douglas Coupland on ending Zoom calls

I’ve been Zooming a lot this year, like everyone else, and I always end my calls by closing the lid of my laptop. Maybe that’s all death is: the laptop closing, nothing cosmic, just a gentle click as we stop using our app. link

I love this. It’s like putting a landline handset down on or snapping a flip phone shut.



Vituperative (a):

a vituperative spoken or written attack is full of angry criticism


Pushing an empty commit

git commit --allow-empty -m "Trigger notification"



Sastrugi (n):

parallel wave-like ridges caused by winds on the surface of hard snow, especially in polar regions



The sound of running water appears to stimulate dam-building, and the sound of a leak in a dam triggers them to repair it.



re/starting a blog

Whenever I stumble upon a personal blog with years of archives and I feel a wave of jealously. I wish I’d committed to my false-start blogs in 2005, 2010 and 2015. I can’t help but look at others’ entry dates spanning back in time, sometimes measured in decades and think that it’s too late. It feels pointless to commit to a personal blog in 2021.

But what’s stopping me? I hope to still be around in a decade and more. If I can’t go back and start in 2010 why not start now?