Meta (or, about this site)


Built using Eleventy with smol-11ty-starter from Stephanie Eckles. I wanted something lightweight that I could evolve over time.

Hosted for free on Cloudflare Pages.

Content is compiled from Markdown files and an external feed from my newsletter site.

I use KaTeX for the occasional equation in posts. This is, by far, the largest dependency but with some smart Nunjucks filtering it’s only loaded in pages that use LaTeX.

The following Eleventy plugins make RSS, syntax highlighting and some DOM manipulation easy:

Lighthouse nudged me to use this accessible syntax highlighting theme from Eric Bailey.

Notes, posts and book reviews are automatically generated from GitHub Issues using some basic GitHub Actions.

Fonts & Icons

The little icons for posts, notes and books are picked from Tabler Icons and loaded into the page using eleventy-plugin-svg-sprite.

The header title is Compagnon. Code and related bits are in IBM Plex Mono. The rest is set in Standard Book by Bryce Wilner (inspired by Gemma Copewood’s site.)


The multicolumn, “scroll” layout is courtesy of Breck Yunit’s neat work.


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