Goldstream Provincial Park, January 8th

I want to hike more this year, ideally every Sunday. This is my favourite time of year to go hiking. It’s not too cold, not too hot. There are fewer people around. No mosquitoes – although those are rare here on Vancouver Island.

As we live near the rainforest it’s so easy to take a short drive and get into the woods. Wet, drizzly conditions only add to the atmosphere. I love the clumps of sodden moss cladding bendy, tall trees.

Trees covered in moss, there are a few types of trees but the one in focus on the right has a mysterious yellow block nailed to it.A dead fern seen from above, the long stems span out from the centre and it looks like an alien creature with tentacles.A tree with lots of bendy branches, all covered with some light green fuzzy mossSome sort of wet foliage that looks like seaweed. It's sat on top of a log covered in moss.